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The Strengthening Feminist Movements (SFM) grant programme is now accepting applications.

Leading from the South

Leading from the South is a consortium created to resource feminist activism in the Global South, initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. It supports activism devised, implemented, and led by women, girls, and trans rights organisations in the Global South. Through grantmaking, capacity building, and other resourcing, LFS will strengthen movements, networks, and organisations—especially their advocacy capacity.

This call is open to women, girls, trans, and intersex-led organisations working with a national, regional, and/or global focus.

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Strengthening Feminist Movements

The Strengthening Feminist Movements grantmaking programme is focused on supporting women, girls, trans, and intersex rights activists, groups, and networks working on the local, subnational, and national levels. It is open to individuals and organisations.

This call is open to women, girls, trans, and intersex rights activists and groups working at local, subnational, or national levels.

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