Strengthening Feminist Movements in Asia

Under this programme Women’s Fund Asia supports women’s and trans* rights groups, individual activists, women human rights lawyers (through fellowships), and sub-national, national and regional networks.

The common threads that run through the grants under this programme are:

  • Promoting a rights based perspective and feminist principles in women’s rights/trans* rights work in the region, key components of which are decision making, agency and voices

  • Strengthening the leadership of women and trans* people, especially of second line leadership

  • Networking and collaborations among and between groups and activists working at a sub-national, national and regional

Currently, our grant-making prioritises five thematic portfolios:

The grants under this programme can be broadly classified under seven main categories

    • Core grants supporting institutional costs and salaries
    • Grants for supporting specific projects
    • Collaboration grants
    • Mentorship grants
    • Fellowships to women lawyers undertaking litigation at the primary courts
    • Travel grants to attend workshops and conferences
    • Capacity building grants
  • Research grants