Critical Spaces

Critical spaces is a key strategy we use at Women’s Fund Asia for movement building, both through facilitating spaces by bringing together our partners, experts and other actors for collective learning, reflection and strategising, as well as by supporting activists and researchers through travel grants to participate in national and regional workshops and meetings which contribute to national/regional feminist discourses. We are particularly conscious of facilitating the participation of women from marginalised communities who are left out of or do not have access to strategic spaces.

In order for the women's movements to have a larger and effective impact, forging alliances at various levels is extremely important. The facilitation of such spaces by Women’s Fund Asia aims to foster collective reflection, learning and building cross-country, cross-regional solidarities, but will also ensure that experiences and knowledge of those working at the local level is reflected at the national and regional level, and the knowledge of those working at regional level is shared with those working at national and local level.